Our Objective
Our mission is to create lasting memories for those suffering from congenital heart disease and their loved ones by providing the opportunity to play an unforgettable round of golf at a world-class course. The Round of a Lifetime Foundation is a 501c3 Non- profit organization that strives to change the lives of individuals challenged by congenital heart disease and are passionate about the sport of golf. Our goal is to create awareness of congential heart disease and the impacts it has on our loved ones. We want to provide an opportunity for individuals struggling with a heart condition to play one of our country's finest golf courses, all-expenses-paid. We are excited to provide life-changing experiences to those dealing with heart-related conditions.
Our Offering
The Round of a Lifetime Foundation is built around congenital heart disease awareness while also providing value and exposure for our corporate sponsors/partners that have a true passion of golf. We recognize that without generous contributions from our sponsors, partners, and supporters, none of this could be possible. Therefore we will work tenaciously to bring maximum exposure to all our supporters and sponsors. Our sponsors are the catalyst for providing the opportunity to provide life-changing experiences to individuals with congenital heart disease. Financial donations can be made online from any page on our website, by contacting the Foundation directly via the Contact Us page on our website, or reaching out to any member of the Board. Event sponsorships and non-financial donations are also appreciated. Please contact us if you’re interested in either of these options and we will work closely with you to ensure a great partnership.