Andrew's Legacy

Andrew Maciey died unexpectedly on November, 20 2010 after losing his battle with Familial Cardiomyopathy. He was 24 years old. Andrew was a graduate of Bishop Shanahan High School and the University of Maryland. He left behind a lasting legacy to the friends and family who knew him best.

Andrew embodied a friend that you wanted to have around and have in your corner.  He had many interests, many hobbies, was extremely intelligent and ambitious, and it was always great to be around him.  Andrew was not an optimist by nature -- he had a genuine way about him, so that what you saw was what you got -- no ulterior motives.  He passed away way too young, and if he were still with us he... Read More
Erik Fischer
Our Andrew, From early childhood Andrew was special. Always loving, caring, and considerate. He didn't take long to become a young man, both a gentleman and a gentle man. I was so proud that he chose me to be his godfather for his confiramtion. Thinking back to the day he passed away and all the hardships and sorrow we all faced, I wrote a letter to God asking why? That night it came to me as an... Read More
Uncle Joe Maciey, Jr.
What comes to mind when I think about Andrew Maciey? Cousin, Friend, Brother, Family, Loving, Caring, Compassionate, and someone who would do anything for you. As Andrews cousin I was given the opportunity to grow up, work, laugh, love, and enjoy spending time with one another for 24 wonderful years. Andrew was a great person to so many people and touched the lives of many more on so many levels... Read More
Joe Maciey, III
Andrew Joseph Sebastian Maciey was the definition of a Delta Chi.   I realized that was the case less than a week after he passed away. I was in a West Chester, PA bar with 50 of my brothers, celebrating Mace’s life. I looked to the left and saw alumni who were five years older than me. I looked to my right and saw guys who were still undergrads. Mace was one of the few brothers who could have... Read More
Dan Igo
Andrew was one of a kind. It has been five years since we lost our friend, and not a day goes by without me thinking about him. I think about the sporting events we would have attended together, the weddings we would have celebrated together, the rounds of golf we would have played, and the good times we would have shared. What I miss most about my friend is his unique sense of humor. In October... Read More
Frank Grzelak
Andrew never missed an opportunity to be a great friend. As long-time Fraternity Brothers, I never met somebody who embraced the idea of brotherhood like he did -- compassionate, passionate, supportive, selfless -- these qualities were natural in him. Andrew was a trusting advisor to me when I needed advice and an active proponent for me when I needed encouragement. The memories we made together... Read More
Eli Tucker
Andrew and I were pledge brothers together in the Fall of 2008.  Andrew made it a point to often tell me that he never has met an individual quite like myself, touche.  We both had a deep rooted love for our sports teams, especially the NFL...the only problem was he was an Eagles fan and I am a Giants fan.  What I loved most, was his passion and energy when watching his teams play, despite their... Read More
David Lenter