Round Of A Lifetime Core Values

1. The Round of a Lifetime Foundation was originally created and will always be in existence to preserve the legacy of Andrew Maciey.
2. The Foundation will always think, act, and operate in a manner that is consistent with its mission statement.
3. We believe that family and work come before Foundation responsibilities. We all have limited time and resources, so the organization will operate in a manner that is consistent with this principle.
4. No member of the board of directors will ever use the Foundation for his or her own personal benefit.
5. We will conduct business in a way that is honest, fair, and respectful to all with whom we communicate.
6. We will be creative, adventurous, and open-minded.
7. We will not be afraid to put pen to paper for 1 hour per week.
8. We will be frugal in our operations and generous in our charity.
9. We will respect differences of opinions amongst team members and take advantage of different perspectives.
10. We will never lose the personal connection we develop with each Round of a Lifetime recipient.