Andrew's sense of humor

Andrew was one of a kind. It has been five years since we lost our friend, and not a day goes by without me thinking about him. I think about the sporting events we would have attended together, the weddings we would have celebrated together, the rounds of golf we would have played, and the good times we would have shared. What I miss most about my friend is his unique sense of humor. In October of 2010, Mace planned my 25th birthday. With my birthday being on Halloween, Andrew told me that he was going to be hosting a costume party in my honor. The last thing I wanted was to dress up like a moron and go out. Andrew spent the entire week ahead of the party convincing me that everyone was going to dress up and it was going to be a great time. Andrew even said that he has 4 Smurf costumes that he would be wearing all day with his co-workers, so all I would have to do is so up with the costume on. I was assured that Andrew would be dressed up in the bright blue and white outfit as well. On the night of the party, I put the full Smurf costume on, got in the car, and went over to the Andrew’s apartment for the party. When I open the door to the apartment I am greeted with a loud, “SURPRISE.” Nobody else is wearing a costume, and I am dressed up like a complete idiot. Andrew and I locked eyes, and he gave me a smile that said, “gotcha.” Since I was not wearing anything under the Smurf outfit I was stuck wearing the full costume the entire night. I vowed that I would pull off an even better prank on him to get my revenge. Andrew passed away three weeks later, and I never got that opportunity. Andrew’s legacy lives on inside of me, and I hope that he is proud of how I live my life. 

Frank Grzelak